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 Smart Trading & Enterprise Data Management Solutions
 Innovative     Flexible     Scalable 


About intelliTrade

At intelliTrade we specialize in developing and delivering cutting edge solutions for trading and enterprise data management  to a broad range of financial professionals.

Our clients are banks, ETF providers, asset managers, exchanges, hedge funds, pensions, insurance providers, and family offices. We enable these organizations in transitioning to efficient and cost effective solutions for managing all of their financial data as well as any financial products they issue. Our scalable, flexible, out-of-the box solutions can easily be integrated into existing IT frameworks and work processes.

Established in 2005 in one of the worlds fastest growing technology centers known for high-tech innovation and cyber security we specialize in developing and delivering cutting edge enterprise trading and data management solutions to financial market participants.

Today the majority of Israeli ETF's are managed using our systems.  All ETF issuers, 8 out of 10 asset managers, banks, hedge funds, pension funds, insurance companies, brokers/market makers, and the Tel Aviv Stock exchange trust intelliTrade with their trading infrastructure and data management needs.

Why Choose intelliTrade?

At intelliTrade our focus is to build flexible, robust trading and data management solutions and that’s all that we do. Our strength lies in our understanding of our clients business, and how our services can help reduce cost and increase operational efficiency.

We are not flexible in everything we do but everything we do is designed to be flexible. Although many of our clients use our systems straight out of the box, we also help enable our clients to further leverage and build upon our innovative solutions themselves.

We know we cannot be all things to all clients.  For most of our clients our systems fulfills their needs without us having to reinvent the wheel. This makes implementation simple, fast, timely, and resource effective.

At intelliTrade, your trading and financial data management needs are our business.


Our Products

Powerful, fast, secure; our enterprise OMS/AMS and financial data solutions are flexible and infinitely scalable. intelliTrade systems have become the top choice for financial organizations in the local market.

Solutions That Enable

Data -aggregation, -normalization, and -distribution, pricing of financial instruments, constructing and managing portfolios, risk management, trading engines, compliance & reporting.

Our Technology Your Edge

Our Clients are a broad range of financial Institutions such as ETN/ETF issuers, active/passive funds, banks, exchanges, insurance & pensions providers, hedge funds, and independent traders. 

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