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intelliTrade Smart Trading Solutions

Use Case:  Hedge Fund

Proxima is a locally based hedge fund and portfolio manager employing nostro traders who are running numerous types of trading strategies. Proxima has been using both IntelliTrade OMS and IntelliHub for over 4 years.

IntelliHub + IntelliTrade OMS benefits:

  • All data within the organization is now aggregated and normalized in IntelliHub providing a comprehensive real-time view of all positions, open orders, and real time market data.

  • Real-time snapshot of all positions, open orders, and real time data is now available on-the-fly.

  • Traders are now in the position to create their own trading client suited for their custom needs.

  • Joshua was embedded into their existing client server lowering development and maintenance costs.

  • Report generation has been delegated away from the users, converted to RTD which supports generating live real time reports (Backoffice, Surveillance, Compliance).

  • Flexibility and scalability of the systems means adding and integrating additional locations or systems will not pose any issues going forward.

Prior to  IntelliTrade OMS + IntelliHub:

  • Backoffice and Risk - Fragmented multibank environment – multiple trading systems, multiple statement formats, and standards.

  • Multiple information systems (Bloomberg, IB, Reuters, exchanges, etc.).

  • Traders need for advanced algo trading systems.

  • Issues with tracking trader’s activity in real time .

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