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IntelliSurveillance is a surveillance server which allows users to monitor and control trading and product/portfolio management, and account related activities via a simple web application. Users can not only define rules, which generate surveillance alerts and related reports, but also handle the alert life cycles (alert resolution). IntelliSurveillance can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure and workflows via standard APIs or implemented using our proprietary OMS/AMS and/or data management solutions.


Monitor all trading related activities and events, for a single account, across multiple accounts, products, trader, branch or organization. IntelliSurveillance assures trade compliance and flags rule breeches pre and post trade.

Monitored Event Examples:

  • Unauthorized/Rogue Trading

  • Wash Sales

  • Insider Trading

  • Market Manipulation

  • Matched Orders

  • Best Execution Compliance

  • Price/Risk/Limits

  • Margin Requirements/Breeches

  • Position/Issuer Limits

  • Pre- and Post– trade Controls

Report Examples:

  • Aggregate Exposure

  • KYC and AML Compliance

  • International Transfers

  • Unauthorized Account Activity

  • Detects Patterns and Irregularities

  • Forecasting

  • Detailed Reports and Smart Filtering

  • Full Audit Log

  • Fast and Easy Rules Generation

​Additional Features:

  • IntelliSurveillance incorporates an AI engine which builds on an organizations own history to recognize patterns and forecast potential  breeches.

  • Simple Connectivity to multiple internal and/or external data sources

  • Tools for building surveillance engines, rules, access, viewing and handling of alerts, and reports

  • Use cases include operations, compliance, internal/external auditors, accounting, trustees, custodians and administrators

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