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intelliData Store is a powerful tool for organizations seeking to control and commercialize distribution of proprietary data; a simple yet effective solution for launching automated access to data that can handle the processes associated with data distribution and/or commercialization. intelliData Store facilitates making your data available while ensuring you stay in complete control.

  • Provide access to your distributed data from one central location

  • Variety of APIs (FIX, REST, WebSocket, Excel RTD)

  • Available as a client or hosted solution

  • Full Historical Data without limitation e.g. tick data, corporate actions, real-time, intra-/end- of day

  • Pay as you go/subscription

  • Commercial models include (data plan/consumption plan)

  • Control of access and data flow with reporting across all users

  • Counts hits/data volume

  • Allows full control of access, permissioning, and commercial terms which can be tailored to each users needs

intelliData Store
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