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Who's Using Our Solutions?

Case studies

How It's Used

Clients using our services are financial Institutions such as ETN/ETF issuers, active/passive funds, banks, exchanges, insurance & pensions providers, hedge funds, and independent traders. ​​

Use cases include

  • Pricing of financial instruments such as OTC derivatives, financial products, index calculation.

  • Asset Management – end to end solution for constructing and managing portfolios e.g. ETFs/Composite.

  • ETF’s, active Funds, pensions/insurance portfolios.

  • Risk Management – user defined surveillance engines and real-time RTD reports display up-to-date balance of positions for all users/locations/branches/accounts.

  • Trading engines – automated strategy trade/order submission for ARRIVAL/PEG/VWAP/TWAP trading models as well as advanced algo trading e.g. market making, exposure hedging, arbitrage models.

  • Compliance – for example monitoring self-dealing, excessive trading , investment rules breeches.

  • Reports of units created/redeemed, performance reporting, real time quotes.

Enterprise Server Clients

  • Back Office - data aggregation, normalization, and distribution from virtually any source.

  • High frequency trading/arbitrage traders use us because of our High Availability, low latency infrastructure: under 1 millisecond one latency trading and data 

  • API - support for FIX protocol v.4.2-5sp2 (see for complete protocol specs).

  • The ability to leverage our open API’s which facilitate embedding external market risk and trading platform into the system

Data Services Clients

Data Services Clients are organizations using our services to manage and control distributed data including exchanges, index and data providers, banks, and asset managers.

How It's Used
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