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intelliTrade OMS

IntelliTrade OMS/AMS is an advanced, one to many, comprehensive trading and asset management platform.

  • Lightweight and easy to install/configure.

  • Add your own pricing and algo trading engines (or use our know-how).

  • Embed intelliTrade OMS in your application or connect to our OMS/AMS via APIs (intelliAPI).

  • An alternative to the many “low-tech” systems which cannot easily accommodate multiple data sources, require manual order generation, are difficult to fully integrate, or aren’t true open architecture/open API and lack ability to connect to services such as BBG B-Pipe, or Fix Protocoll Exchange Data.

  • Supports construction, pricing, and management of financial products.g.  ETF, ETN, OTC options, indices and structured products e.g warrants/notes/certificates, pension funds and savings products.

  • Algorithmic Trading – Out of the box trading and investment algorithms  e.g  market making strategies (PEG/VWAP/TWAP/Arrival/Scheduled) and multi-leg strategies e.g: Stock/Bonds Pair-Trading/Arbitrage.

  • Automation and unification of entire work processes such as for fund or asset manager.. Joshua handles asset pricing, market making, trading/trade compliance, hedging, regulatory reports, internal- and/or external usage.

  • IntelliTrade OMS helps cut cost and increase productivity without the need for additional staffing when scaling up the number of products or trading strategies.

intelliTrade Joshua
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